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The Event electronics ASP series studio monitors have all that is needed to make it to the big leagues. This is a truth that gets lost when the original manufacturer started cutting costs in production leading to a failure of a product that had legend written all over. We have taken it upon us to redesign the ASP series weak links to make them all they were meant to be and more.

Event ASP Repair Services

ASP8, ASP6 Repair Diagnosis 


This is a Repair Diagnosis Service for any ONE PAIR of the above units.


After diagnosis we will send you a quote for the repair, if you agree we can move forward, if not we will ship your amps back free of charge.


We can repair any problem with your ASP8 like:


1. Gain adjustment not responding


2. HF adjustment not responding


3. LF adjustment not responding


4. Different levels on each speaker


5. Not enough/too much LF/HF


6. Low output


7. Crackling in tweeter


8. Thumping


9. Noise


10. Blowing fuses/dead amp

You ship the Amplifier board to us, we send you a quote, after you decide if you want to proceed we Repair AND Calibrate it and ship it back to you in better than new working condition. Most repairs fall under the $200 mark for the pair, if your amps need more extensive work done and you don't want to spend more we ship them back free of charge.

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